The Web Marketing Clinic makes your digital presence work for you!

Our websites, copy and social media solutions don’t just read well; they help you sell your products and services.

How? By looking at your business through the eyes of your customers and convincing them of your benefits in a language they understand.

Our network of experienced marketing and design professionals enable the Web Marketing Clinic to provide a variety of bespoke services.

Web Design

A website is the first point of contact with potential new customers for the majority of cosmetic, health and beauty brands. It can be the crucial factor that decides whether or not they buy into a business's products or services.

Having built websites for some of the UK’s most reputable cosmetic, health and beauty players, our in-house team uses their development experience to create bespoke websites that optimise customer conversions. Our websites are also built with the back-end user in mind too. Creating an easy-to-use and reliable content management system is one of our most important priorities when undertaking a web design project.

But great website design isn’t just about strong functionality. We make sure our clients’ websites look memorable by incorporating the strongest elements of their existing brand and by crafting clear and informative web copy.

These elements combined provide an exceptionally strong foundation for our clients to build a profitable web presence.


Search Engine Optimisation, often referred to as SEO, is key for cosmetic, health and beauty brands looking to generate new business leads and maintain a strong online presence. Our team will generate an effective SEO strategy with the aim of improving search engine rankings and driving increased traffic to the client’s website.

Our SEO action plans are tailored to meet specific keyword requirements, and will include a web copy review and activation on the most popular social media platforms. These two factors feature heavily in determining search rankings.

SEO enables brands to target particular demographics and generate new leads in geographical locations. As a result, our clients often experience an increased level of customer enquiries from organic Google searches.

Social Media Management

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways that brands in the cosmetic, health and beauty sectors can create relationships with potential customers. As such, the team at Web Marketing Clinic have been trained to make use of the world’s leading social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn - to build our clients’ reputations quickly.

Our work involves creating and sharing daily social media content that is both bespoke and relevant to our clients’ area of expertise. These regular updates provide build a rapport with ever-expanding customer networks, in addition to creating new business leads.

Using a collaborative dashboard which our clients can access at anytime, we also provide monthly statistics on social media performance to track progress and adjust content strategy where appropriate.

Brand Development

Those in the cosmetic, health and beauty sectors who require brand development can take advantage of our in-house consultancy service. With a methodology that has been tried and tested in the industry over the last decade, our team can help clients identify the corporate values that will elevate them above the competition - before guiding them through the creation of brand logos, brand stylesheets, associated colour schemes and brand typography.

Print Design

We can assist cosmetic, health and beauty brands produce large quantities of physical media for events and exhibitions. Our in-house team can design a variety of printable marketing literature and deliver to a specified location.

Whether it be leaflets, flyers, newsletters or even corporate invitations - our clients can rely on the experience of our designers to produce a product of exceptional quality that aligns perfectly with existing brand specifications.

Corporate Video

To make our clients web presence the best it can be, we offer a full shoot and edit videography service for clients within the cosmetic, health and beauty sectors.

Video is becoming one of the most popular ways to engage with prospective customers about new products or services, in addition to becoming a vital component for high SEO rankings and strong social media performance.

Using high-end DLSR video recorders and the latest video editing software, our team can produce corporate videos, vox-pops and broadcast quality interviews in the most suitable video formats. We can also assist our clients by preparing video scripts and treatments before filming takes place.

PR Services

Public relations is one of the most effective means of creating a connection with the public at large. Using bespoke multi-facing campaigns, we aim to get our clients editorial press coverage in as many respectable press publications as possible.

Making use of our strong relationships within quarters of the cosmetic, health and beauty press, our campaigns focus on achieving coverage in newspapers, specialist magazines, news websites, radio and television.

These campaigns deliver widespread publicity for the brand in focus, minimising expenditure on paid for media and advertising, while creating a more meaningful interaction with a target audience and journalists.

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