It could happen. And if it did – all your carefully curated marketing messages, your before and afters you painstakingly worked on (1000 clicks later), all of it. Gone.

You are putting too many eggs in too few baskets.

We are all guilty of this.

Look at your website.

Do you even have a website?

You own all the content on your website. Is it up to date? Mobile responsive? The best projection of you and your brand it could be?

Reasons you have neglected your website

  • ‘Websites are dying, all of my clients come from word of mouth and social anyway’
  • You have lost touch with your developer/you didn’t get on
  • ‘Social media is the future, everyone is there’
  • It’s too expensive
  • Too busy running a business to check it and regularly update

Yes, patients will check out your social channels before they come along for an appointment. But a website is the #1 destination for the building of trust between a cosmetic clinic and a potential patient.

Own your space

You need to make the right first impression with your website, and this comes down to two things. Design and content.

A fantastic design and regular, educational content will cost you either your time or your money.

But why invest?

Your website is your 24/7 shop front. You can show off even when you’re asleep or on holiday. You don’t need to be engaging with people on a constant basis, unlike social media.

Bring across your professionalism, your brand values and answer almost every question a visitor could ask, at 3am Wednesday, before sending you an enquiry or booking a consultation.

Leads are precious things. You want to collect them all the time.

Your website is also a place where you bring all of your content and expertise together. Establish credibility and authority.

If you give away free, educational content in the form of your treatment pages, condition pages, or a blog, you’re providing value for the visitors to your website. This makes you come across as an authority. Build that trust. But it doesn’t just have to be about the internal content. What else can you add?

Killing it on Youtube? Embed those videos.

Writing great articles for the journals? Upload a short summary with links to the main text.

Getting press coverage? Yep you need a media page.

And yes. Embed your social media pages too. Because that is another space in which you are building that positive view of your business.

All of this validation, combined with content you are posting on social media, make it very tempting for people to fill in that contact form on your website.

‘Cosmetic Clinic near me’

Let’s talk about one of the other Big Four in tech. Google.

Creating content that is localised (ie. It’s relates back to the area your clinic or practice is in) benefits the search results when someone uses location-based searching. Your phone does this for you automatically. This is why when you just type in ‘dermal fillers’ in Coventry, you’ll get a different result to when you’re in Cardiff.

And this content isn’t just optimised for search engines. It’s optimised for humans. It makes them want to visit you. Hopefully you’ll make them want to come back.


Love your website. Because if Zuckerberg decides to charge you per post on Insta, or takes away your beloved Facebook group without a word, you’ll wish you had a professional looking website filled with all the content you created over the months and years you have been in business.

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